Pet Transport Information

Animal wellbeing during transit

We hold animal wellbeing paramount. Our duty of care to your animal whilst in transit ensures that your animal will arrive at its destination healthy and happy.

Every pet has a unique personality. Some are prone to stress and anxiety; some are happy to travel without any issues.

Pocket Pet transport ensures there is adequate room for your animal in the carrier, where they can lie down comfortably and not be cramped.

Feeding while in transit

Canines & Felines

Pets will be fed two to three times per day, which will line up with our scheduled exercise breaks. We prefer to offer small amounts of food to help alleviate any upset tummies whilst travelling.

We have two options for feeding throughout transit.

Our preferred option is the owner may provide reprepared individual servings labelled with the pet’s details.

Alternatively, we can supply quality feed for all pets travelling with us.

We also provide veterinary approved dry food, to cater for many diets.

Other small travelling buddies

We also often carry other small passengers. We also provide two options for our smaller friends. The owner may provide prepared individual servings labelled with the pet’s details. Alternatively, we carry a supply of quality pet food to cater to the individual need of our small passengers.

Throughout your pets’ journey with us he/she will have access to fresh clean water for the entirety of the trip.


On long trips pets will be exercised up to three times per day. With the exception of felines and other small passengers who will remain in their carriers for the duration of their trip.

This exercise while vital to a happy traveller can add extra risk to the animal (particularly the unvaccinated animal or very young or very old) these risks include but are not limited to injury, loss or being exposed to communicable disease.
We encourage giving the animals in transit some light exercise to help with boredom and for toileting. However, the onus is on the owner to notify Pet Transport if they do not wish to have their pet exercised.

Squishy Face Breeds

Brachycephalic breeds features put them at higher risk, they often have breathing problems and have issues regulating their body temperature.

Brachycephalic pets who suffer with BAOS are more inclined to suffer from stress related conditions which in turn require veterinary treatment. Stress, Anxiety, Over excitement and obesity can also affect at animal with BAOS.

Our extreme weather policy has been developed ensuring that our squishy face friends can travel safely and in comfort. Throughout warmer days we have cooling gel pads available for use. Please see our Extreme Weather Policy located in terms & conditions.