Our Family

Meet our Family


Isabel is our over excited life loving foxy cross. Her hobbies include chasing her Kong and she also enjoys going in the boat. She will chase the ball for hours on end. She certainly lets us know when she is ready to go for a run outside to do some ball chasing.
Unfortunately, Isabel had an altercation with one of her poultry family and ended up with a nasty injury to her eye, which resulted in her right eye being surgically removed.

Sharky McFinn (aka Finn)

Finn is a Deerhound cross; he was rescued as a 10-week-old puppy and settled into our lives very quickly. He is a bit quirky but extremely intelligent.

He can tell the time regardless on date light savings, he has dinner every night at exactly 5pm or he certainly lets you know if you are late. Finn is fun loving and would really be most comfortable as a lap dog, as yet he does not realise, he is large and just a bit heavy to sit on our knees.


Our lovely poodle, Jett. He answers to many names including Poodle, Mcdoodle and occasionally Jett. Jett is a little bit spoilt and he is unaware that he is not a human. He loves cuddles and loves living the pampered life.

Jett loves balloons to the point of obsession. He also loves water he just loves to paddle in his clam shell pool, but he also enjoys the boat and going to the beach.


This is Yogi, he is a Tenterfield terrier, he is having a holiday here at the moment but has become a lovely short-term addition to the family.

He enjoys playing with Finn, they have become best buddies. Yogi can often be found sleeping on top of Finn, and most mornings they can be found spooning. It’s the bromance of the 2020